Correct English Pronunciation Facts and Secrets

What are the correct and proper pronunciations of these words: through, guest posting, ploughing, dough, cough? Do you know the words horse, hole, red, naive and read? Most likely, you’ve never heard of them. It’s okay, just say it loudly. The fact remains that, no matter what way you have pronounced these words, you at least know the correct pronunciation with A2 English Test.

English Pronunciation

A word’s pronunciation is how it is normally spoken. Other words, pronunciation is how a particular word or language sounds. The way a word is spoken in any given language varies. The fact is that this happens. There are many variables that influence how words are used in English. An important factor is where you grew up. Asians will speak English differently from British. Africans as well as French people sound very different when they talk in English. Australians is another example. Right? English is spoken differently by the British, Americans and pioneers.

At this time, more than 500 million people around the globe know and can use English. All of them can speak English, but in different ways. The correct pronunciation of an English word is important. The correct way to pronounce words is important. It is possible to say a word in many ways. What happens if there are several words and sentences spoken?

Correct English pronunciation is very important. In fact, it’s the biggest thing they will notice. The best thing is to be able to speak English. You will be much happier if you speak English well. You may be wondering what the best is. When you pronounce English properly, it is better.

The truth and the secrets

Do you know how to pronounce correctly? These are facts and tricks you must know.

1. English does not have a “phonetic” system. The pronunciation of a particular word is not the same as its spelling.

2. English, on the other hand, is a stressed or syllabic language.

3. English pronunciation is focused on stressed words and quickly glides past the non-stressed ones. To speak and understand English, word stress is like the golden key. It is important to note that one vowel always gets the most stress.

4. When you speak vowels, air is forced over the vocal cords by your mouth. Your mouth shape determines what vowel is produced.

5. By stopping breathing completely or partially, consonant sound can be produced. Consonant sound can be voiceless, (no vocal cords vibrating) or voiced. They are frequently in pairs.

6. It is possible for a word to have the exact same spelling and pronunciation.

7. Some words are spelled differently but have the same pronunciation.

8. Phoneme distribution and accent are the two main differences between pronunciations.

9. You do not need to focus on how you pronounce each word. You should focus your attention on the most stressed words.


You can learn how to correctly pronounce English by following a few simple rules. There are many ways to properly pronounce English.