You can Create Free Leads for Internet Network Marketing

More leads are always better for every internet marketing representative in the world. I don’t even care how many you generate right now — 100, 200 or 800. There is only one issue… They can drain your profits before you even make a penny. If you do not have 500 to spend on advertising each month, then you will have to use free techniques that are effective. Extra resources!

This is why I have written this article. Since I have been involved in Internet network marketing, I am proud to say that my free marketing techniques have generated an incredible amount of leads.

This allows me to retain the majority of my money when I sponsor more representatives! What a cool idea!

These are awesome ways to generate free leads for internet network marketing businesses. Any marketing technique will work as long as it is done consistently.

1. Start a Twitter account if you do not have one. By spending 20 minutes a day on home-based and network marketing discussion forums, I can generate 15-20 leads per day. If I see leaders that post frequently, I search their name on Twitter and add them immediately. I also include the top 5 people they follow. To build trust I reply personally to every Direct Message I receive. I queue up between 10 and 15 messages per day with pure value. It’s that simple! …. Piece of Cake!!

2. Linkedin has been a gold mine for me since I started using it a couple of weeks ago. There are people who are serious about looking for entrepreneurial opportunity on this website. The average annual income is around 106k. It’s impossible to describe what I do, but I can say that if you add value to their lives and solve problems, they will eventually ask, “What do you do on the internet?”

3. Video’s take too long to shoot, and most people dislike them. You can now stand out from the crowd of “make money” scams by putting yourself on camera and being authentic. To review a product, book or company that is related to internet marketing, I find them. Then I write down 10 of the most common questions people have about the topic and make videos for them. I usually can answer all the questions within an hour. The video tells them where to find more information. I also display the link on my site so that they can click directly from it.