Find A Harley Davidson Used Motorcycle for You

Now that you have chosen the type of Harley you want to own, it’s time to start looking and buying. You have a few options if your preference is to buy a new motorcycle. All you need to do is visit your nearest dealer. How about a Harley Davidson that’s been used, what options are there? If you are buying used, make sure that you understand the value of a blue book. See myhdfs to get more info.

Harley Davidson Dealership

If you buy or trade in a Harley at your local Harley dealer, their service department is likely to have reconditioned it for sale. Dealers do not wish to have their customer disappointed with a poor quality product and they will try their best in order to supply a bike that is up-to-standard. One downside is the price. They will factor in overhead costs and trade-ins because they’re a big dealership.

Most dealers do offer financing but their terms and rates may not be optimal. Some dealers, and the banks that they work with, will only finance new motorcycles. A pre-approved bank check or financing company’s approval can be presented to a dealer.

You can find many finance companies who are biker-friendly and provide loans both for new and old motorbikes. You should avoid motorcycles sold by auto liquidators and second-hand car dealers, unless you are a mechanic with the knowledge necessary to check for any problems. Dealers know little about motorbikes and will lie to you in order to sell the motorcycle.

Private seller:

The local newspaper may not have a wide selection, if it has any Harley Davidsons at all. In some areas, there are motorcycle classifieds. This motorcycle should be thoroughly inspected, as we have already mentioned. Watch out for cheap Harley-Davidson ads. They are usually cheap because there’s a reason. You should not be fooled by claims that a Harley-Davidson is worth more or that this Harley Limited Edition is very rare. With patience, you can find good buys.

Online Auctions

It is possible to buy a Harley Davidson online in a safe transaction backed by escrow, which guarantees both the buyer and seller a sale. Only the location is a drawback. If you don’t want to travel or pay for shipping, it would be better to deal with someone in your locality. The value they receive when purchasing through online auctions can make up the cost of traveling and shipping for some. It is now more popular than ever to purchase a Harley Davidson used motorcycle through an online auction. This gives both the seller and buyer a brand new opportunity. Assure yourself that you are dealing with a reputable seller, and your auction is genuine. Insure both your Harley Davidson new and used motorbike.