Money Fear: How To Overcome It

Guest Posting seems to be a common fear. Is the thought of having an abundance of wealth making you nervous? Do you feel anxious? It’s possible that you believe in money-related myths. These are myths which simply cannot be true. Some of the most popular statements Nick Sasaki people make about money have been misquoted and are incorrect. Others were made by those who didn’t understand it or did not possess any.

We’ll look at some money myths…

The root of all evil is money
This is a quote that everyone has heard. This is one of most well-known misquotes. It is a misquote. The correct quotation is: “The love of money is at the heart of all evil”. True quote: The obsession of love for money can lead to corruption. It is a fact that money is neutral. The fact is that money itself has no good or bad. It is neutral. Money is controlled by the individual who owns it.

The power of money corrupts.
Money is not a real force. You would not have more power if, for example, you were given 10,000,000 dollars in after-tax cash by a legal person, placed it in a bank safe, and did not touch it. Power comes from how money is used (or misused) or perceived by others. Money by itself cannot generate power. It must be transformed into it. It is up to you whether or not money will be converted into power. In the event that one chooses to transform money into control, this power could be used in a good way or a bad depending on who is holding the money.

The money you earn will alter your lifestyle
Hope so! When used properly, money is a great way to ease the stress of everyday life. It can also enhance our lives. You can also let your money ruin you if you’re a person with a poor character and live in constant fear. The money is not what matters, but YOU. You have to remember that the money does not control you. Want proof? If you want proof, here’s how you actually control your money. In the extreme you could give it all away and get rid of it. You can do it in a flash. It’s all yours. Give it to charity. Throw it out of the window. Walk down the street. It’s all yours to burn. All of it is yours. It can be burned or given away. Gone. It’s gone. This may sound like a foolish choice, but you have the right to make it. This is the power that you hold over your finances. Money can’t take over or control your life. If you don’t. You have the power to eliminate it, so why would you allow it to ruin your life when you are in control?

The “money can’t purchase happiness”
If you’re not content, this is also true. If you’re well-founded, have good values and some self-control, money will not hurt you. Contrary to what is commonly believed, happiness and money aren’t mutually exclusive. The truth is that money can enhance your happiness and security as well your independence. You can’t get happiness with money but you can buy it!