What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery, a surgical specialty that is highly popular and well-known in the public, has many myths surrounding it. This Eyelid Surgery Portland field of medicine is covered in a few basic questions.

Why does it call “plastic” Surgery?

Plastic surgery is derived from the Greek term plastikos which means “to mold or form”. Plastic is a man-made substance that can be found everywhere. Plastic can be moulded or shaped to any shape or size, whether it’s a computer monitor or a child’s toy.

The term “plastic” refers then to the surgery that shapes or moulds the human body. Even with all the advances made in plastic surgery we are still unable to mold the human form into anything desired. Almost never (other than breast implants) do we use plastics to perform the surgery. The latest surgical methods can be used to either shape the body or face for cosmetic purposes, or even reconstruct a lost or damaged body part.

What is the Difference Between Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, and Reconstructive surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery. This surgery involves reshaping normal body parts or improving one’s looks. Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by most insurance companies.

Reconstructive surgeries are performed to shape abnormal body structures, whether they result from accidents, injuries or diseases such as cancer, infection, and other illnesses. Your medical insurance will usually cover this type of problem.

What are some of the most common procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery?

In 2005 in the U.S. 10,Several millions cosmetic procedures were performed, of which 1,8 million were actually intraoperative surgery. In 2005, the U.S. generated 9.4 billion dollars in revenue from cosmetic surgeries. Five of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in America are liposuction (nose reshaping), breast augmentation with a facelift, eyelid surgery and nose reshaping. Patients can benefit from the latest cosmetic plastic surgery innovations, which offer more natural results and faster recovery. More people now choose to undergo these modern procedures to enhance their look or restore youthfulness. Since 2010, the number of patients choosing cosmetic plastic surgeries has tripled.

Most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among women are nose reshaping (liposuction), breast augmentation (augmentation), eyelid surgery, browlift, tummy, tuck and breast lift. For men, there are also liposuctions, eyelids surgery, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and breast lifts.

Why are rhinoplasty procedures so popular today?

India and Egypt performed the very first nasal surgeries thousands of year ago. For a very long time, noses have caused people concern. It is because rhinoplasty can improve the breathing and change the overall appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty may reduce or increase nose size, alter the bridge shape or tip, shorten the distance between nostrils and upper lip, or even change its angle. The procedure may correct an injury or birth defect, as well as relieve breathing or sinus issues.