Stock Trading App Development: Cost Estimation for Advanced Features

As the digital revolution becomes more prevalent in the post Covid-19 world, it is likely that many industries will either be affected already or soon. When it comes to the finance sector, Guest Posting traders, investors and brokers are all affected. Many companies have already adopted new technologies to keep up with the ever-changing world. Stock trading apps Forex Time have been developed in response to this change, and leading fintech companies like E*TRADE or Robinhood are at the forefront of developing these applications.

A report from Statista shows that stock trading apps are incredibly popular. Android finance app penetration was 25,75% in 2019.
Stock Trading Apps – What is it?

The purpose of mobile apps and websites is generally to facilitate the delivery of products or services for those customers with digital expertise. Finance is also a sector that has decided to benefit from mobile technology. Stock Trading Apps are one of the many digital transformation initiatives that brokerage companies have undertaken.

Stock trading apps and brokerage firms like E*TRADE had a right to want to democratise this market. Stock trading apps enable traders, investors (including private individuals), to carry out all types of stock transactions at any time. The apps let users manage their own portfolios, without the need to pay commissions to brokers. Stock trading has become more popular because of this easy-to-use investment opportunity.

Demand for digital trading mobile applications has reached a record high in 2020. Stock market growth was a result of people seeing trading as a means to generate income. While unemployment rates in the United States were high, there was booming activity on the stock exchange. Robinhood reached its highest-ever trading volume in June of 2020. In the second quarter, not just Robinhood reported records but also TD Ameritrade.
Top Stock Trading Apps

Robinhood allows you to trade stocks, ETF funds and other securities without paying any commission. Both beginners and professionals can use the app. Platform users can compile their personal list of security and financial documents. They also get to know the real time information on quotations. Interest is accumulated from user accounts as part of the company’s revenue strategy.

E*TRADE belongs to Morgan Stanley. E*TRADE’s mobile trading app allows you to trade financial instruments, such as preferred and common stocks, ETFs, futures, mutual funds, fixed income investments, etc. For US-listed shares, ETFs and option contracts, users will not be required to pay any fees. Some services may be charged.